"The Bachelorette" season 11 stars Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe are reportedly in talks with ABC for a show that will capture their day-to-day life as they plan their wedding.

But what the Bachelor Nation producers are more interested in is the drama that Booth's family will bring to the show, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry. Reportedly, Booth's family is not too keen on him marrying the Canadian dance instructor and they are believed to have informed Booth about their intention to boycott the wedding altogether.

And "Bachelor producers are interested in the possible behind-the-scenes drama that Shawn's reluctant family could bring to the reality TV show, kind of an 'in-laws at war' theme," reported Celeb Dirty Laundry.

According to the media publication, one reason why Booth's family is against the wedding is because they believe Bristowe brings out the worst in him, and they hate to see him as an insecure person. The fact that Bristowe slept with Nick Viall on national television is also a strike against her, the report noted.

"Shawn's family has nothing nice to say about Kaitlyn, they can't believe that Shawn would propose to her after she slept with Nick Viall on national television," a Celeb Dirty Laundry source pointed out. "And, they think that Kaitlyn brings out the worst in Shawn – they hate seeing him a jealous and insecure mess. Shawn's Dad has told him that they won't be attending the wedding."

An earlier National Enquirer report too noted that Booth's father Steve wasn't a Bristowe fan.

"'Steve said, What the hell's going on? This is nuts!'" an insider told the media outlet, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry. "Steven was not a happy camper about Kaitlyn and Nick, and he let his son know it. Steve is worried about this, because he's in deep. He wants Shawn to be happy, but he's worried Kaitlyn is too fickle and flighty. Shawn said his dad's definitely a bit of a skeptic, but he values his advice more than anyone's in the entire world."