Shashwat Amrev

Content creation is a risky, challenging, and effort-intensive field, but 19-year-old entrepreneur Shashwat Amrev paved a path to a career in the field of content creation, built a diverse community of learners, and proved that age is just a number. He first served as a streamer and trader in the early years of his journey on the internet, and he then started working on content creation. Content creation fascinated him and drove him to design and produce informative and educational content that could add value to people's lives. In the last few years, he has emerged as a content creator in the internet world.

He made a community of learners through well-thought content creation strategies. As he has been in this field for years, he has gained appreciable experience in this field, which allows him to sustain the follower base he has built over years. He believes that his content must satisfy the audience first and foremost. He went through a long process to earn this position and establish himself at a young age. Throughout the journey, he remained persistent and dedicated to his goals. The fact that he did not have access to the internet in the early days makes his story interesting.

The engagement rate on his Instagram page Stock Market Edges is because he listens to the suggestions and opinions of his audience. He tends to observe his audience deeply and serve them the content accordingly. Staying updated on market affairs on a regular basis has strengthened his position as a content creator. He observed the fact that Indian youngsters who are interested in the stock market and trading are often not well aware of the market news. So, he initiated posting market news and current affairs on his Instagram account.

Having established such a diverse community of learners, he is now focused on expanding this community and improving his content further and further, so that he can connect to an even larger audience.