Shashi Tharoor
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While the issue of Shashi Tharoor's Twitter handle being hacked started off as a case of violation of privacy, the controversy has now taken a turn with the Union Minister's wife Sunanda accusing popular Pakistani columnist Mehr Tarar of trying to ruin her marriage.

The issue emerged when vague tweets appeared on Tharoor's account, which seemed to have been directed at Tarar. The messages spoke about the love they shared and how Sunanda had found out about Tharoor and Tarar's affair.

Tarar expressed shock and disgust over all the things that were being said, while on the other hand Tharoor's wife Sunanda appears to have taken the issue quite seriously.

"Okay. What's going on? Who's tweeting to me? I had an 'affair' with Shashi Tharoor and he's tweeting to me??? How does that work?" Tarar tweeted and even said that such kind of issues was the flip side of easy access to technology.

Though Tharoor later explained that his account had been hacked, the damage had already been done. And now adding fuel to fire, Sunanda has claimed that the accounts had not been hacked and she had been posting the messages. She also believes that the columnist has been "stalking" her husband.

"Our accounts have not been hacked and I have been sending out these tweets. I cannot tolerate this," she told The Economic Times over phone.

"This is a Pakistani woman who is an ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) agent, and she is stalking my husband. And you know how men are. He is flattered by the attention. I took upon myself the crimes of this man during IPL (Indian Premier League). I will not allow this to be done to me. I just can't tolerate this. I have nothing more to say."