Xiaomi Mi MIX, Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 have one thing in common – that's losing the thick bezels in turn for a full screen display. The popularity of bezel-less phones is forcing other OEMs to follow the trend. From less-popular brands in China to biggies like Apple, everyone is adopting the new design strategy for their flagships.

But one of the first companies to take a deep dive into the full screen design for smartphones is making an attempt the change the rules of the game. Sharp, which launched its first-ever full screen phone – EDGEST-302SH – in 2013, is holding a launch event in Beijing on August 8 to launch its 29th full screen smartphone.

Sharp Aquos S2 launch
Sharp Aquos S2 launchSharp

Sharp Aquos S2 will be the first bezel-less smartphone by the company in China, and it will be available on sale from August 14. Unlike other bezel-less smartphones, Sharp Aquos S2 is unique in the way it achieves this new design.

"The core of full screen design is to break through the technology limit, achieve the double sense of holding and visual comfort, and provide the ultimate experience for users." Dr. Luo Zhongsheng, CEO of SHARP/InFocus Mobile, said in a statement.

Luo Zhongsheng, CEO of SHARP/InFocus Mobile
Dr. Luo Zhongsheng, CEO of SHARP/InFocus MobileSharp

Sharp Aquos S2 comes with FFD (Free Form Display) technology that uses small holes in the screen to accommodate front camera and receiver. This will eliminate the need for a hanging front camera sensor, disrupting the bezel-less design flow in a smartphone and the receiver will improve the audio quality altogether.

With this, Sharp said it has managed to achieve 84.95 percent screen-to-body ratio. The Aquos S2 features a 5.5-inch display, which means the lack of bezels will make it as handy as a 5-inch phone.

Other phone specifications will be revealed at the upcoming global launch conference in Beijing on Tuesday. This is certainly a step-up from the standard bezel-less designs, which we have seen in the market. Other OEMs planning to launch new phones can take cues from Sharp's Aquos S2.

Since Sharp Aquos S2 has nearly 85 percent screen-to-body ratio, the company isn't fully satisfied.

"100% bezel less screen phone is the ultimate target for full screen smartphone There are several obstacles blocking the development of full screen smartphone, for example, the front camera, front fingerprint identification, receiver. SHARP AQUOS S2 with three bezels is currently the largest full screen smartphone right now. SHARP will continuously explore in the field of 100% bezel less screen phone and aim to achieve technology breakthroughs in screen and anti-dropping technologies," the company said in a statement.