Sharp IGZO 4K Display
Sharp IGZO 4K DisplayNikkei Tech

Japanese Electronics manufacturer Sharp Corp has reportedly developed a new Ultra HD screen named IGZO for smartphones with an impressive pixel density of 736ppi.

With a 'sky is the limit' philosophy, every smartphone manufacturer is tickling each configuration as high as possible and this time Sharp has gone as high as possible.

The Ultra HD screen developed by Sharp has a 4.1-inch screen size, which is usually used in several non-phablet size devices. The Sharp IGZO screen is capable to produce a resolution of 2560x1600 (WQXGA) pixels at 736 ppi.

As per the standard 4K measurement, a screen should be able to provide 3,840 pixels wide and 2,160 pixels tall resolution, which sumps up to 8.29 megapixels and is considered as Ultra HD screen.

An Ultra HD or UHD screen is capable to produce four times measured image of a full HD or 1920x1080 pixels screen.

So, IGZO's 2560x1600 pixel resolution sounds less than the standard definition. However, the pixel density (736ppi) plays a big role here. The WQXGA screen's actual output resolution counts similar to a 6-inch screen capable to produce 4K resolution.

Sharp has previously developed a low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) screen with a pixel density of almost 550ppi. The Japanese company is planning to start shipping samples for design next year and in 2016 the manufacturer may start producing the screen in bulk for OEMs.