Sharad Pawar
Sharad Pawar

The Union Minister for Agriculture, Sharad Pawar, seems to have finally lost his temper, after anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare's comments on an incident which saw the Minister slapped by a young man, in public.

Hazare's initial response to the incident was to ask if Pawar had only received "one slap?" However, in a more detailed response, posted via his blog, the anti-courruption crusader said that although he admitted to having "committed violence" when making his earlier remark, he does not consider violence as something morally incorrect when looking to improve society.

"Many politicians felt very bad about the slapping incident....but it is important to discuss as to why did that youth slap?" he wrote.

Pawar responded by saying that Hazare had twisted the concept of Gandhism and non-violence.

"In the recent past, Anna Hazare by supporting the physical assault on me at a public function has given a new definition to the concept of Gandhism and non-violence," NDTV quoted the minister as saying.

"I have no objection to Anna Hazare expressing his thoughts regarding me or my actions. However, in the event of any further physical assault on me, it would be amply clear from where the instigation or encouragement for such acts emanates," he added.