Liz Hurley and Shane Warne/Reuters
Liz Hurley and Shane Warne/Reuters

For months, reports of the Shane Warne-Liz Hurley split have been doing the rounds, and finally it has now been established that the Australian is indeed single. The former international cricketer announced he is now just a friend of Hurley, and also spun a googly on by claiming he is not dating Michelle Mone.

Warne, who appeared on two TV talk shows and one radio show on the same day, went on to clear the air about his affairs and relationships.

On the Australian breakfast show 'Sunrise,' Warne announced his split with Hurley. "Elizabeth and I are still friends and we catch up when we can. It's a shame, it's all over and done, but that's the way it goes unfortunately," the BreakingNews quoted him. However, reports of splitsvilla were out much before, especially after it emerged that Hurley had stopped wearing the engagement ring.

But it seems Warne had more on his mind than just clearing up things about Hurley. The 44-year-old was also quick to dismiss rumors that he is romancing lingerie entrepreneur Mone.

Reports on his equation with Mone went viral, after UK tabloid The Sun had recently carried a story claiming that the former Aussie cricketer spent a romantic time with Mone in her hotel room in London on 15 February, showering her with roses and champagne.

In his interview at breakfast show 'Today,' host Karl Stefanovic asked Warne about the rumors, which made news across the globe, and Warne replied it was "absolute rubbish".

During the interview, the host read out headline The Sun carried on Monday: "Over the shoulder bowler bowls over an over the shoulder boulder holder moulder."

"You've got to admit it's a clever headline!" Stefanovic said.

"Mate it's no one's business but that is all absolute rubbish... I roll and yawn that's it," Sydney Morning Herald quoted Warne's reply.

Finally, in his interview on radio Triple M's 'Hot Breakfast,' Warne revealed: "I'm single, I'm not seeing anyone, I'm not dating anyone, I haven't got the hots for anyone."

So what are his plans, now that he is single? Well, to start with, he can try being a role model to his children!