'Shameless' spoilers
'Shameless' spoilers.Facebook/Shameless

Following Carl's (Ethan Cutkosky) arrest in "Uncle Carl", Showtime's "Shameless" is coming back on air, at 9.00 pm (EST) on Sunday 15 March, with "Carl's First Sentencing".

Season 5 episode 9 of "Shameless" will take Gallaghers through more twisted and dark paths, meaning the show is just getting interesting. With Frank finding a new friend in his doctor and Lip finding "more-than-a-friend" in his professor, "Shameless" has a few interesting story-lines lined up for "Carl's First Sentencing".

Carl, who was arrested for trying to smuggle drugs by strapping them on to his nephew Chukie (Kellen Michael), is now being advised by his lawyer on how to avoid juvenile jail. Although he asks Carl to rat his dealer out, he refuses to do so and even Fiona (Emmy Rossum) backs him up by saying, "Gallaghers don't snitch".

However, the lawyer reminds him that his dealer's subordinates would be there at the juvenile jail      waiting to make him pay for all the money he lost. However, if he snitched on his dealer instead, Carl would be safe and the dealer would be put behind bars.

Carl is seen thinking hard about his choices, but what he decides would be revealed on "Carl's First Sentencing". Meanwhile his eldest half-sister and Chukie's mother Sammi (Emily Bergl) pays him a visit at the jail and it does not end well.

Meanwhile Frank (William H. Macy) is socialising with his doctor at the Alibi Room. While nursing a drink, he talks about all his near death experiences to the doctor, beginning with his liver failure. He also claims to be only guy "who has been given his last rites three times". The duo then toasts to all the time the good doctor "wasted" on "college, med school, interning, residency...All work and no play, good old-fashioned puritan work ethic".

He also tells her how spend his earlier years, calling them "enjoying the day" and not wasting them by working. Uncharacteristically for Frank though, he seems to care about this woman and seems to be enjoying spending time with her. Could he be falling for his doctor?

Ian's (Cameron Monaghan) condition on the other hand is getting worse; he is more paranoid and almost hits Debbie (Emma Kenney) with a bat. Although Mickey (Noel Fisher) decided to be there for Ian and not drink his pains away, his love may not enough for Ian to go on. May be almost hitting Debbie would make Ian realise that he does need the medication he flushed down the toilet in "Uncle Carl".

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) who barely convinced the financial wing of his college that he comes from a rough background and needs some time to pay his tuition fees, may be getting into more trouble. The trailer shows that he sleeps with a professor, who is initially angry with him for being late to her class.

The promos for episode 9 do not provide a peek on what happens between V (Shanola Hampton) and Kev (Steve Howey) after the latter slept with a college student in "Uncle Carl". The two were fighting over Kevin's undivided attention towards their twin daughters with V feeling left out. However, before she almost cheated on him with "Eddie Murphy", an old flame from high school, she changed her mind. But will she forgive Kev for sleeping with another woman?

Since Gus (Steve Kazee) has gone on tour with his band, and has asked Fiona to give him space, it is safe to assume that their relationship will not be brought to limelight in "Carl's First Sentencing".

Watch out for season 5 episode 9 of "Shameless" at 9.00 pm (EST) on Sunday 15 March on Showtime.