Kev and Lip in 'Shameless'
Kev and Lip in 'Shameless'Facebook/ Shameless

Season 4 episode 10 of Showtime's "Shameless" will be aired on Sunday, 22 March. The episode titled "South Side Rules" shows a tender side of Frank (William H Macy), in which he is seen putting someone else before himself, for the first time since "Shameless" began.

Meanwhile, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) might be in real trouble after the kids in his dorm start losing their minds from taking the drugs he sold.

All through "Carl's First Sentencing", Frank having a jolly good time with his dying friend. The duo does everything from getting high to streaking smoking pot to punching an old nemesis right in the face. However, when he sleeps off in the bus, Frank does something that is very uncharacteristic of him: he takes her home and lays her down on the couch.

Restraining from stealing the money in her purse and further actually taking care of her, suggests that the drunkard may be falling in love. In the promo for "South Side Rules" she is seen asking Frank if they had sex and Frank replies, "Don't be ashamed. You were downright luminous." However, she must not have been too happy with the prospect, because Frank is then seen talking to his friends at the Alibi Room about the incident.

Vee (Shanola Hampton) asks Frank why anyone would want to be with him and one of the regulars at the Alibi Room piles on, by saying "venereal herpes" is the foremost reason why no one would want to be with Frank.

Meanwhile, Vee's husband Kev (Steve Howey) is still at Lip's college, although he has stopped calling himself the "Rape Walker" and sleeping with college girls. However, Kev and Lip may be in a huge trouble after the students who took the drugs they sold start acting crazy.

One of the students says "I am made of fire", as many are seen rolling around on the floor and staring at their hand, while another jumps off a window. While Kev suggests that they call 911, Lip says they could go to jail if they were to do so, as they are all minors.

Gus (Steve Kazee), Fiona's (Emmy Rossum) husband, who is still disappointed in her for sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, calls her during his band's tour and says he misses her. When Gus says that he was thinking about her, Fiona offers to have Skype sex with him. However, in another shot, she is seen lying on the bed waiting for the call, and finally dozing off.

Meanwhile, Sean (Dermot Mulroney), Fiona's rehab supervisor is terribly upset after his son is taken away by his mother to Pittsburgh and his parole officer forbids him from travelling there. However, this means that he can no longer use the excuse of his son to stay away from Fiona.

With her marriage crumbling and her boss suddenly lonely, will Fiona pursue a relationship with Sean?

Mickey (Noel Fisher) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) may face a few hurdles, especially with Ian finding out that he will need to take medicines for at least 30 years to contain his bipolar disorder. In the promo for episode 10, Ian is seen punching Mickey and in another shot, a gun is pointed towards the Milkovich boy.

However, it could also be Sammi (Emily Bergl) trying to teach the Gallaghers how much it hurts when someone you love is taken away from you. Her son Chuckie (Kellen Michael) is still in correctional facility after he was caught with the drugs that his uncle Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) plastered to his body.

Watch out for "Shameless" season 5 episode 10 "South Side Rules" at 9pm (EST) on Sunday, 22 March, on Showtime.