Fine is charged if you talk to the opposite gender
A fine will be charged if you talk to the opposite genderFacebook page/It's a Boy Girl Thing

Among the 500-plus engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu, some have had weird sexist rules for years when it comes to interaction between students of the opposite gender. And, even more shockingly, these rules are followed quite seriously.

Here are five crazy rules which are implemented in the some of the colleges in the state:

1. The students are strictly prohibited from talking to the other gender, even if it's about study-related doubts. If the students are seen talking, they have to pay a fine.

Squads on watch
Squads on watchFacebook page/Robocop

2. Till the students reach their respective classrooms from their hostels, a 'squad' or a faculty member will be present with them. Even during the weekends, these squad members keep an eye on students outside the campus, like those who are going to malls, theatres etc.

3. A few colleges have taken 'discipline' so seriously that they have made different walking lanes, canteen counters and even separate staircases for boys and girls. In some colleges, the students are not even allowed to shake hands with the opposite sex. If they did, they will be either suspended or dismissed from the college.

Handshaking with the opposite gender leads to suspension
Shaking hands with opposite gender leads to suspensionFacebook

4. The students are not allowed to talk to the opposite gender, while travelling on college trips. Sometimes, there are iron bars and ropes inside buses, which make two sections, dividing boys and girls.

5. Some colleges have not spared the faculty members also as male and female lecturers are not allowed to speak to each other. Also, in most colleges, women faculty members are only allowed to wear sarees, not salwar suits.