Kunchacko Boban, Jayasurya, Amala Paul
Kunchacko Boban, Jayasurya, Amala Paul in Shajahanum Pareekuttiyum/Facebook

Kunchacko Boban, Jayasurya and Amala Paul's latest Malayalam movie "Shajahanum Pareekuttiyum" scheduled as an Eid release hit the theatres on Wednesday, July 6. The multi-starrer, directed by Boban Samuel, has been released in as many as 90 screens in Kerala. However, it will be released outside Kerala on Friday only.

The latest comedy romantic entertainer revolves around a funny love triangle plot and also stars Aju Varghese, Lena, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Kalabhavan Shajon and Nadhirshah in pivotal roles. The trailer of the film, which looked promising, has already raised the expectations of the audience from it, making it one of the most anticipated movies of the festive season.

"Shajahanum Pareekuttiyum" marks the reunion of Kunchacko and Jayasurya, who have already proved their chemistry in a few hit comedy entertainers before. The film is special for Amala as the actress will be sharing the screen-space with the actors for the first time. While YV Rajesh has scripted the movie, its cinematography has been handled by Anishlal RS and Gopi Sunder has composed the music. It is the production venture of Ashiq Usman and is being released by Central Pictures.

Meanwhile, the comedy entertainer has locked horns with Manju Warrier's sports movie "Karinkunnam 6's," which is being released in almost 50 screens at the Kerala box office.

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Ajmal Esmail

‪#‎ShajahanumPreekuttiyum‬ is a complete Laughton!!! Boban Samuel simply succeeded to convey a simple story to a fun filled extravaganza!!! Fun guaranteed!!! 

Sreeram Sundaram

Boban Samuel directs the festival release "Shajahanum Pareekuttiyum" that is the kind of no- brainer entertainer made famous by Shafi & Rafi but not still comparable to their best or even the director's earlier works. The plot involving an accident followed by memory loss, attempted fraud, forced romance and some smuggling borrows liberally from many popular movies of the past and unabashedly gives credit to all its sources of inspiration. Scenarist Y V Rajesh succeeds at least partially in playing with the nostalgia that movies and some events evoke in the minds of the audience- sadly he fails in bringing novelty and the so called twists in the latter half do not evoke your interest mainly because it is difficult to stay invested in these superfluous characters and their motives. The movie is salvaged to a large extent by the principal cast- Jayasurya is in familiar territory, Kunchacko Boban is in good form, Amala Paul Vijay looks stylish and makes good use of her screen time, Suraj delivers without bordering on vulgarity and Aju Varghese is entertaining. The songs are mediocre, Vagamon is captured well on screen and a sharper second half could have helped. This is strictly a one time watch but one that can be safely watched with the entire family.

Aadhi Roy 

SHAJAHANUM PAREEKUTTIYUM :) I did go for the movie hoping for a thrilling twist like that in ROMANS but BOBEN SAMUEL didn't gave that much as that in romans... The story plote is a below average one but still the movie will entertain you because of the perfect casting... Chakochan & Jayettan have done their job perfectly and so did Amala Paul. The movies plus point is Suraj Ethan and Aju varghesh combo. the movie has got a lot of laughing stoke which are almost a standard ones. The movie will entertain you by its perfect casting but not by its story lineup... A watchable average movie.

Aravind Anilkumar 

In 4 d frst day. !! watched Shajahanum Pareekuttiyum' Malayalam Movie !! poor story ! poor flow.! expected much much from Jayasurya- Kunchacko Boban !! failed to score ! unworked comedies from Aju Varghese & Suraj Venjaramoodu !! :O !! anwyz . no need to rush ! :-) !

Vaishnav C Nambiar

Its a fun entertainer.. :)
It will entertain you if you switch off your brains..
The movie is a festival entertainer that aims families..
There may a lot of negative including the story,if you look critically.
But,the director and script writer tried to give us a movie that offers a lot to laugh. If we look at the laughing perspective "Shajahanum Pareekutiyum" is a good entertainer. :)
Jayetan,Chacochan,Amala,Ajuetan, Surajetan and Rafikka along with others delivers energetic perfomances.. :) Go for it with a free mind and switch off your brains. If you are ready to do so this movie is for yours...

Malayalam Review

#ShajahanumPareekuttiyum Ok First Half. Entertaining In Parts. Below Avg Story Except Some Comedies- Movie 2.25/5 Not Recommended Bo Verdict Depends On Family Audience

 Vyshnav Koodathingal 

Shajahanum Pareekuttiyum' Malayalam Movie ~ One Time Watchable Hilarious Ride :) Movie is filled with gud comedys n chali's , adding some lazy cliche twists n turns! ;) Liked Suraj Venjaramoodu - Aju Varghese comic scenes :D & syncing of some old muve scenes reference (Thalapathi, Ennale, etc..) Jayasurya, Kunchacko Boban, Amala Paul played their roles very Well (Y) Good Colourfull Family Entertainer for EiD ~ 3/5 ~ HiT :)


just see ‪#‎shajahanumpareekuttiyum‬ An average comical thriller... Super direction, No boring scenes... Sure hit.. waiting for ‪#‎Kasaba‬

Nidhun Chand 

Jayettan intro
Fdfs Heavy


Colourfull anu..... Conedy anu... Kooduthalum chali anu.... Family eshtam akum...Jayasurya kidu ...thalapathy scene kidu.. Twist arikkum padam.... Ethu vare avrg


Itu vare Watchable level.... Interval ends with creating curiousity in audience ... Mood changed to a thriller