Chetan Bhagat kickstarted the storm of novels based on love stories in India, which prompted several novelists in the country, to follow suit. One such writer is Ravindra Singh, who has regaled the readers with several bestsellers.

You might be a non-reader or someone who doesn't like reading Indian novels but who so ever has read the heartwarming tale of 'I Too Had a Love Story' by him was not able to forget it, primarily because the book relayed the magic of Singh's real-life story quite effortlessly.

I too had a love story shahid and kiara

The plot of 'I Too Had A Love Story'

The story of this novel is based on an incident in Ravindra's life. It revolves around the life of Ravin, who meets a girl, Khushi, through a matrimonial site and love blossoms between the two. Ravin and Khushi's love story builds the theme of this book, and it stands out splendidly. As a reader, you are bound to feel connected with the character of Ravin and his beautiful, yet tragic, saga of love.

ravindra singh

Ravindra's story has everything - friendship, first love, meet-ups, long-distance, heartbreaks, and the demise of someone that is so close to you. The story has so much offer that readers are eagerly awaiting this amazing novel to be shown on the silver screens.

Yet, the author is not ready for it. Here's why:

As per a report by HT in 2019, Ravindra Singh disclosed that he is not in favour of his stories being adapted as movies and web series as the name of the writer usually gets lost in the process.

ravindra singh

He said, "Famous web series or movies you'd have seen..all you'd remember is the star cast or the director. producer, the banner, or the platform you happen to see. But almost every time the writer has always had to take the back seat. People don't even get to know about him or her. That is a clash in my mind."

Although he is not ready for his stories to be replicated onscreen, we took the liberty of reimagining the dream cast of his bestseller, 'I Too Had A Love Story'.

shahid kiara

Last year, the Kabir Singh couple, Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani managed to win hearts aplenty on the silver screen with their oozing chemistry, we thought who better than those two to play the lead roles here?

Shahid Kapoor as Ravin:

shahid kapoor as ravin

Shahid Kapoor has, over the years, proved that no one is better than him when it comes to romancing Bollywood divas. He was excellent as a temperamental lover in Kabir Singh. Now, unlike Kabir, Ravin was a calm and cool guy who didn't really believe in violence.

But if we imagine Kabir aka Shahid's character sans violence, we would see a guy who is madly in love with his girl and knows what a person goes through when your love leaves you. Since Shahid has been the lover boy of Bollywood for ages, this role would be a cakewalk for him.

Kiara Advani as Khushi:

kiara advani as khushi

Khushi, who was a strong, independent yet bubbly and charming girl, can be easily played by Kiara Advani. Although Kiara is new in the industry, she has still proved herself with some fine performances under her belt. She has had some versatile roles and has the qualities required to ace the role of Khushi.

Since people loved and adored the steamy chemistry of Shahid-Kiara in Kabir Singh, we think they will charm the audience again as Ravin and Khushi.

Why Shahid would be the ideal choice for Ravin

shahid kapoor

There's an excerpt from the book that reads, "She died. I survived. Because I survived, I died every day. I was bound by my stars to live a lonely life. Without her, I felt so alone. Though the fact is that it's just she who is gone and everything else is the same. But this 'everything else' is nothing to me ..."

When you read this, you can actually imagine Shahid as Ravin, going through the pain of losing someone he loved so dearly, just the way he did in Kabir Singh.

shahid kapoor as ravin

The way Shahid has acted and narrated the pain of Kabir through his eyes can fit aptly here if the movie ever hits the silver screen. There's a sequel of this book that talked about the hardships of Ravin's life after Khushi's death and his second love, named 'Can love happen twice?'.

We think Shahid would be apt for that as well.