Ajith's "Mankatha" is finally getting ready to be remade in Bollywood. Close to four years of after its release, the remake process has begun with Studio Green acquiring the rights.

The movie tells the story of a gang that steals betting money while the members of the group start getting killed one after the other. Ajith plays the role of a suspended cop with Arjun Sarja playing a CBI officer. Vaibhav, Mahat, Premji, Ashwin, Lakshmi Rai form the starcast with Trisha playing the female lead.

A poster of Ajith's 'Mankatha'.Sony Music

Now, the question is: Who will play Ajith's role? As always, a Southern blockbuster will not make it big without the presence of A-list Bollywood stars. So, we are considering a few stars for Ajith's role in "Mankatha" remake.

Shah Rukh Khan: Shah Rukh Khan used to do negative characters during his initial days. Over the past decade, he has avoided taking solo antagonist characters. So, it will be a change for him if he can take up the project and see how his fans would react in his new character. Mind you, he will obviously worry about the content as it might not go well with family audience.

Aamir Khan: Aamir Khan was seen playing a baddie in "Dhoom 3". His character had impressed the audience and he can truly justify the role. He may be known for doing a variety of roles but can hesitate to take up a negative role so soon after "Dhoom 3's" release in 2013.

Salman Khan: If tweaked a bit, "Mankatha" could be a tailor-made story for Salman Khan. The "Dabangg" star can do roles with negative shades with ease and the story of mind games could impress his fans. Again, he should decide whether he can go to that extent to play an out-and-out negative character.

Akshay Kumar: Akshay Kumar has done quite a few thrillers and there are instances of the actor enacting roles with negative shades. He is one actor who often balances his films between class and mass. He never shies away from doing movies that might not go well with a section of audience. So, he can easily take up the project.