Deepika Padukone and Sharukh Khan
Deepika Padukone, best dressed in Gaurav Gupta.

With "Chennai Express" on a record-breaking spree, Shah Rukh Khan cannot stop raving about the film hitting the jackpot and managing to suprcede the 200 crore mark within a week.

The actor recently revealed the adulation director Rohit Shetty's entertainer has received and is surprised more so with its terrific overseas collections.

"I am quite amazed. It's not just places in India - like Bihar or Mumbai or other places where I (usually) get a good reaction from the audience in the movie theatres. (I've got reactions) from Mauritius to Montana (USA). When you get calls from America, London, South Africa and Peru... it's quite cool," Shah Rukh told Hindustan Times.

"I am surprised by a lot of the overseas reactions, to be honest. Overseas (audiences) normally tend to like basic love stories, or that is what everyone thought. So I am quite amazed. I am now very confident about the film."

"Chennai Express" which has been released in nine languages has been going strong in its second week, stomping out the Akshay Kumar starrer "Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara".

In a separate interview to Business Standard, the ecstatic actor spoke out about the celebrated 100 crore mark and why it no more holds the esteemed position.

"With the distribution and ticket prices today, Rs 100 crore is attainable if you have your content and strategy right. I feel if you want to aim, aim for the next unattainable figure. Aim for Rs 200 crore or Rs 500 crore."

"I think its time we start aiming higher and I am sure, in the years to come these will be attainable figures," said SRK in the interview.

The actor also went to reveal his tendencies as a splurging producer and the necessity to go 'tad overboard' with the film's budgets.

For Shah Rukh, it has been fruitful time both in the professional and personal front with the birth of his surrogate son AbRam. The superstar reportedly has decided to do a second installment of "Chennai Express" post the film's sky-rocketing returns.