South Indian film actor Rahul Ravindran seems to be jealous with Shah Rukh Khan after the latter thrilled his wife Chinmayi Sripaada with a couple of tweets on Tuesday, a day after his 50th birthday.

Having started her career in 2002, Chinmayi Sripaada has sung hundreds of songs for movies in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi. Today, she is one of the most sought after female singers in Indian cinema. She has also crooned a song titled 'Titli' for Shah Rukh Khan's "Chennai Express"; the song went on to become a chartbuster of 2013.

On the eve of his 50th birthday, Chinmayi took to her Twitter handle to wish Shah Rukh Khan on Monday. The singer tweeted, "@iamsrk Happy birthday sir. So many draw inspiration from you, including I. Wish you many, many more happy, happier, happiest birthdays!"

Shah Rukh Khan was busy with his birthday celebrations and therefore could not acknowledge the wishes of his fans and friends. On Tuesday morning, the Baadshah of Bollywood took to his Twitter handle and thanked everyone. He thanked some celebs individually by retweeting their posts and Chinmayi was one of them. 

Besides thanking Chinmayi, Shah Rukh Khan asked her to convey his love to her mother, who he had met during the recording of the song 'Titli'. In his retweet, the Bollywood superstar wrote, "Thank u so much and love to mom."

Chinmayi and her mother met Shah Rukh Khan almost two years ago and the singer never thought that King Khan would remember it. What thrilled her the most was the reference by Khan to her mother: " How does he remember??! God level!"

Chinmayi came to know about Shah Rukh Khan's retweet from one of her friends. She seemed to be bit upset over not getting an alert about it from Twitter. She tweeted: "Dear Twitter. SRK quote mentions my tweet to him and I have no clue until someone brings it to my attention as I get no alert. Kindly fix!"

Meanwhile, Chinmayi continued to express surprise over Shah Rukh Khan's memory. She wrote: "Really want to know how SRK remembers me and my mom from 2 years ago. I want that magic memory. And the talent to make someone feel special."

There seemed to be no end to Chinmayi's excitement. However, Rahul Ravindran, who began dating Chinmayi in June 2013 and married her on 5 May 2014, seemed to be a bit unhappy over not making her so happy in their two-year relationship. He expressed the same in his tweet.

It also seemed to be a moment of pride for Rahul Ravindran, when he tweeted: "Lol..Shah Rukh Khan with a couple of tweets has made @Chinmayi happier than I've been able to in a year.Somebody's screaming with joy:)"