Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan with father Shah Rukh KhanInstagram

Shah Rukh Khan's handsome son Aryan is popular, and how!

On January 8, SRK posted on Instagram while accompanying Aryan to the Mumbai airport from where he would catch a flight back to London: "Holidays as they say should really be given a speeding ticket...hate dropping my kids to the airport....when holidays end... [sic]"

Now, according to a report in Mumbai Mirror, the dashing lad got practically mobbed at the airport, with young girls asking for selfies and pictures. The report further said Aryan was not able to pick his luggage from the conveyor belt because he was mobbed at the airport. 

These pictures are proof:

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But there is something here to make a note of. Aryan Khan did oblige the girls with pictures (instead of shooing them away), and that's a sweet gesture. Does he get that from father Shah Rukh? Certainly looks like it.

Aryan has not even entered Bollywood and he is already youth's favourite star kid!

Shah Rukh's kids Aryan and Suhana were in India for their Christmas holidays.

When SRK was asked about Aryan in one of the interviews, he said, "He's learning how to make movies, which is something I am still doing 25 years later (laughs!). Gauri and I often sit down and ask each other...'Kaun hai yeh bade bade log joh hamare saath rehte hai (Who are these big people who live with us) and are roaming around the house?' I see my daughter (Suhana) all dressed up, hanging out with her friends and going out partying. We are liberal parents. Aryan is a tough guy; he does Taekwondo and he's building muscle, but he very sweetly tells me, 'Baba, you can still beat me'. It feels like Gauri and I are stuck in a time warp, where we are living with these two people (Aryan and Suhana), we know them, but we don't associate them as our children who have grown up."