After MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) requested people to boycott Shah Rukh Khan's "Diwale" citing that King Khan has not done anything for drought-hit farmers in the state, a campaign on social media platforms is now urging people to not watch the movie to protest against the 'intolerance' comment the actor made last month.

People who were hurt by Shah Rukh Khan's comment on "intolerance" are venting out their anger by requesting the public to teach a lesson to the Bollywood star for his statement and to boycott his latest Hindi film.

However, there are some people who are opposed to this idea of hate campaign against "Dilwale". They argue that people should watch his latest movie in big numbers to show Shah Rukh Khan that India is more tolerant than what he thinks.

In an interview, Shah Rukh Khan had expressed his opinion on rising intolerance in India in November. He spoke at length on the award returning controversy and declared that there is 'extreme intolerance' in the country.

This had sparked a huge controversy, drawing criticism on social media sites. If this was not enough, politicians also asked him to leave the country and settle in Pakistan.

Will this affect "Diwale" at box office?
"Dilwale" is expected to be released in around 3,000 screens worldwide on 18 December. The advance bookings have been good and there are no signs of any impact of the hate campaign on the film's fortune at the box office.

In all likelihood, the Shah Rukh Khan starrer is going to have a fantastic opening worldwide. However, one would be sure of the impact of the hate campaign only after the weekend as the general audience would only start appearing to theatres once the fans' craze around the film starts fading away.