Happy New Year
Shah Rukh Khan's 'Happy New Year' reaches Oscar libraryIB Times India

While Shah Rukh Khan's "Happy New Year" team is busy enjoying a massive opening weekend at the Indian box office, looks like one of the members of RDB (Rhythm, Dhol, Bass) is miffed with the film's production house -- Red Chillies Entertainment.

According to reports, the end credits song "Sharabi" was used by the makers without the consent of Surjeet Singh aka SurjRDB (the founder of the band). "The song was sold to Red Chillies with fraudulent documents by former RDB member Manj. When Surj learnt about it, he sent a notice to Red Chillies requesting that the song credit be attributed to him or the track be removed from the film. He was told that they would suggest a way out, but he was left disappointed," Mid Day quoted a source.

Also, the song being attributed to the composers of the heist film is another reason for Surj to be irked. However, apart from sending a legal notice, the singer-rapper didn't really create a massive scene out of the issue and has wished the team well.

"It's a shame that the film has been caught in Manj's and my split. As the sole lead member of RDB, we continue to perform new and old hits regardless of other people claiming ownership. In spite of this, I wish Shah Rukh Khan and the Happy New Year unit its deserved success," added Surj.

RDB was founded by three Sikh brothers -- Kuldeep Ral, Manjeet Ral, Surjeet Ral -- in the United Kingdom. Their journey reportedly began with performing at gurdwaras, but they soon became widely popular. Unfortunately, after Kuldeep's illness followed by death in 2012, Manjeet announced his exit from the band to pursue a solo career.

Ever since then, Surj has been running the show and so it must have occurred strange to him that anyone should use songs partly penned and composed by him without his permission.