FanFan/ Facebook

Shah Rukh Khan's portrayal of Delhi boy Gaurav Chandana has been applauded widely. Interestingly, the nuances he gave to the character are courtesy a real-life fan of his.

The superstar has borrowed some of the Delhi mannerisms from his admirer Deepak Kalra. The fan apparently impressed him by mouthing a dialogue.

"I have used a few personality traits of his for Gaurav's character in Fan, especially the way he makes the sound of opening a bottle's cap and kissing towards the end," Shah Rukh told Hindustan Times. He also went on to thank and bless him saying, "He was really inspiring. Thank you Deepak, may God bless you."

Shah Rukh is positive about his performance in "Fan" and in his interview with Rajat Sharma, he said he would snatch awards if he wasn't given any this time. He has as many as 525 awards, but he yearns for more. SRK had once considered skipping award shows if he wasn't getting any.

"I know I am not getting so I will not go. But later I realised you have to show graciousness for having been awarded. So I made a rule that I will just perform when I am not getting an award. I see them as an evening out of celebration and there is no other reason," IANS quoted him as saying.

In other news, SRK has wrapped up "Raees," the release date of which is being decided upon. The Rahul Dholakia directorial was earlier slated to be released on the same day as "Sultan."