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Shah Rukh Khan has one of the biggest fan-followings in Bollywood, and his fans keep making it evident. #SRKAppreciationDay has again become the top trending topic on Twitter on 24 January, courtesy his fans, who number in the millions.

One of Shah Rukh's fan clubs on Twitter, "SRK Universe", started this trend in 2015 of celebrating the superstar's achievements by tweeting his famous quotes, movie dialogues, witty comments, pictures, etc. Like last year, the hashtag #InternationalSRKAppreciationDay was used this year as well, but the fan club later changed it to #SRKAppreciationDay.

Fans celebrate "International SRK Appreciation Day" on second-last Sunday of January, and this is the second year of the Twitter event. "International SRK Appreciation Day is held every year on the 2nd last Sunday of January. This is the 2nd year of the event, (sic)" tweeted the fan club.

Soon, a series of tweets with Shah Rukh's popular quotes, dialogues and photos started flooding the micro-blogging site, and in no time it became the top trending topic in India. The fan club also announced it would conduct a contest at 8 pm on 24 January, whereby winners can get special "Dilwale" merchandise.

This particular fan club of Shah Rukh has different Twitter accounts for different nations, and each of the accounts collectively manage the event on Twitter. Check out some of Shah Rukh's famous quotes, dialogues, witty comments and rare photos shared on Twitter by his fans.