Mukesh Khanna as Shaktimaan
Mukesh Khanna as ShaktimaanFacebook

Mukesh Khanna who has played superhero Shaktimaan for the popular television series has lashed out at Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan's superhero act claiming it as farce.

The veteran actor, who is set to reprise the famed superhero avatar in a 75-minute telefilm "Hamaara Hero Shaktimaan", seemed unimpressed by Bollywood's endeavour in the superhero genre.

On Hrithik Roshan's masked character, Khanna told IANS, "'Krrish' is not a superhero. He has just saved his father, now he can become a superhero when he is saving the whole world (in 'Krrish 3').

As for Shah Rukh, he said, "Ra.One' is definitely not a superhero. I am sorry, maybe Shah Rukh might feel bad, but 'Ra.One' is not a superhero."

"You can call 'Ra.One' 'Terminator', a good film on special effects. But sorry to say 'Ra.One' is not a superhero, " Khanna said scorning Shaha Rukh's high-end vfx home production.

Rejecting any new face for the Indian superhero, the veteran actor said, "I can't make Akshay Kumar Shaktimaan, I can't let Ajay Devgn play Shaktimaan. They are good actors. I can't even let Shah Rukh Khan play Shaktimaan because they don't have the image that I have."

"So I have to do this (play Shaktimaan) and I would say that I have that audacity to play Shaktimaan again because there was nobody before Mukesh Khanna."

Khanna's tirade continued further as he went on to slam Ekta Kapoor for her unreal approach in her television series "Mahabharat" which bombed badly. According to Khanna, who played the role of Bhishma in Br Chopra's "Mahabharat" (1988-1990), Ekta's serial was more Greek than Indian and the characters were seen with tattoos that disoriented the conventional outlook.