On the eve of Jaago Re's 'Women First' campaign, superstar Shahrukh Khan, the doting father that he is, expressed his wish of seeing daughter Suhana become an actress.

"I hope she (Suhana) becomes an actress I would be happy to put the money where my mouth is. I would be very proud if my daughter becomes an actress. I hope she becomes an actress," said King Khan, reported IANS.

The actor who is usually reticent in discussing personal life also said that Gauri, his wife "has been a wonderful person" taking care of his family for 21 years.

Another one of his wishes was that actresses be given priority in film credits.

"I would like to request to all that the name of heroines should appear first while giving credits. We would start this with 'Chennai Express'. Deepika's name comes first. She is quite excited about it," he said.

While promoting the Balki-directed advertisement for the campaign he said, "Women are the backbone in my field of work. But they don't get due credit," and added that the initialisation of actresses name could bring about a small change in people's mindset and requested others to follow it similarly.

"Why not have actress award in the last. I know this all will not change (anything) but at least a point will be made."

The super star's Jaago Re advertisement shows the actor reiterating this statement on being asked by a fellow journalist.

Here is a look at SRK's advertisement: