Shah Rukh Khan's image as a doting and protective father has become even more apparent with the superstar doling out advice to his daughter on boyfriend issues.

It is no secret that the King Khan has always put his family first before everything else, and now he has advised teenage Suhana that she date a guy akin to his personality.

"I am a good man to love. I am very decent, loving, educated and caring. I would tell my daughter, that if she was to find a boyfriend, apart from my anger sometimes, she must find a boyfriend like me," said the celluloid's favourite lover-boy.

The superstar further quipped, "If I can say this to my daughter, then I can say this to every girl," reported IANS.

Shah Rukh has often been spotted accompanying daughter Suhana in the IPL matches and with every outing the media has seen her growing into a charming teenager.

It seems the father is just as eager with his daughter's teen years and the added boyfriend issue.

When Shah Rukh's family posed to the media during te recent Eid celebrations, the 47-year-old accentuated his family-guy image as he took to social networking platform.

"Happy the whole family joined me to wish the crowds outside the house for Eid. Kids wore ethnic clothes. Feel so safe with them around."

"Struggling to get the kids into new clothes for Eid. Will not relent, I will be an irritating father & make them wear it. ha ha!" said the ecstatic father on Facebook.