Basking in on the success of blockbuster "Chennai Express", Shah Rukh Khan now wants to spend as much time with family as possible and talks of his adorable children who form his comfort zone.

The superstar, who has become father for the third time, cannot stop gushing about his newborn AbRam.

"I don't spend much time with AbRam. I hardly see him. I am not allowed to see him too much as he has to be infection free for another one month," DNA quoted the superstar as saying.

"I'd like to roll with him on the ground, yeah that's what I'm really looking forward to, playing with him... Insha'Allah, by next month he should be good to move around in the house. I see him once or twice a day. I will be most relieved when I see him in regular parts of the house though," he added.

Shah Rukh, who has recently been voted as the most popular father and is symbolic of the ideal family guy, cannot stop taking of his parental figure and responsibilities as a 'father.'

The 47-year-old said, "I have always enjoyed fatherhood a lot because I've always had a desire to have friends and now I have three of them. So it's nice. One of them is really small but it's good. We can treat him as we want."

Recently, as the actor celebrated Eid posing for shutterbugs with the family, all that caught media's attention was SRK's aloof elder son Aryan. To which the actor reveals of his responsibility as a parent, "My son has been very angry because I forced him to come out and take photographs in the public (on Eid); and I am trying to work it out with him and we are on a good wicket."

"We read the 'namaaz' together now and I know as children they have issues of wearing Indian clothes and stuff, but it's fun, I am more excited about getting the 'namaaz' done than the film collections."

"So for me the children are the greatest friends and I think there will be no other permanent relationship I will have except with my kids in a strange sense, of course there's wife, sister and friends. But the one that is strangely permanent is children," concluded the doting father.

Only recently, Shah Rukh's protective father image came to the front when he adviced his daughter Suhana on what kind of boyfriend she should choose.

He spoke out to media that Suhana should date a guy like him saying, "I am a good man to love. I am very decent, loving, educated and caring. I would tell my daughter, that if she was to find a boyfriend, apart from my anger sometimes, she must find a boyfriend like me." (IANS)

The actor had also said that he feels 'safe, protected and proud' when he is around with his children and they are his strength.