the superstars continue to avoid each other till this date
the superstars continue to avoid each other till this dateReuters

The hullabaloo surrounding Salman and Shah Rukh's apparent patch up during Eid last year seems to have fallen flat as the superstars continue to avoid each other till this date.

On Saturday, both Salman and Shah Rukh were present at the Mehboob studio but neither of them made an effort to come out of their way and act friendly.

Salman was already shooting at one of the stages of the studio for his NGO while Shah Rukh turned up late for his shooting at a stage which was just adjacent to Salman's.

Shah Rukh, upon arrival, was so uncomfortable with the "Dabanng" star's presence that he refused to leave his car for a good 30 minutes while Salman was spotted hanging around outside the stage near his vanity car for certain time.

 "Whenever Salman would step out of his vanity van or from the shoot, SRK made sure that he was not in the vicinity. It appeared that the staff of the stars kept tabs on what the other was doing and kept passing information about the movements of the other," a source told the Mid Day.

The incident did not go unnoticed from the onlookers who were quick to see what was going on. In more than few occasions in the past, the actors have tried to evade a face-off with each other.

Despite the much talked about Salman-SRK hug, the former's father, Salim Khan, had said at an occasion, that there could never be any friendship between the two stars. They were strong personalities and ego clashes were bound to happen.

Salman, too, voiced in the lines of his father and said that he and Shah Rukh could never be the best of friends but only act cordial towards each other and their families.