The lockdown has given us a lot of time to ponder and be grateful to an extent. These are unprecedented times and we've all had to adapt. Some are taking the time out to pause and reflect on change and how the lockdown has affected them.

Some Bollywood stars have also shared their reflections with us. Now, Shah Rukh Khan also shared his lessons on Instagram with his followers. His post is something many of us can relate to during the lockdown. 

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan's lockdown lessons

Although the lockdown has been hard on us all, for the most part, we've adapted. Many are hoping this will be temporary, but as we're looking to get out of the situation we've landed in, it's good to take cognisance of how far we've all come. 

Bollywood stars have been showing that for them too the situation is slightly similar. Earlier Janhvi Kapoor had shared what she'd learnt during the lockdown. Now, King Khan too shared his learnings, and it gives us hope. 

In his latest post on Instagram, Shah Rukh Khan shed light on his lessons during the lockdown, "The way we have been living far beyond our exigencies, most of which don't really matter as much as we thought they did..." He ended on a positive lesson, "And above all, love is still worth it, no matter what anyone tells you!"

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Lockdown lessons...

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Hopefully, we'll all overcome this challenge that's engulfed us. It's hard to hope, with cases still climbing, but as Shah Rukh Khan says, it might be worth it.