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Ever since the famous Shahrukh Khan-Salman Khan hug at an Iftaar party happened, media has gone gaga over their relationship trying to get news bites from the actors on the recent patch up. And to quench the curiosity, SRK has opened up on his relation with counterpart Salman Khan for the first time in a interview.

The duo has been not in good terms with each other ever since they got into an ugly spat at Salman's then girlfriend Katrina Kaif's birthday a few years ago.

Shah Rukh has finally opened up and talked about his relation with Salman and his family in a recent interview with Rajat Kapoor in the television talk show 'Aap ki Adaalat'. He said that they have grown up and matured.

Speaking on the differences and patch up, the superstar said that both he and Salman have grown up and become mature and so the question of proving each better than the other or one-upmanship does not arise.

"It has gone beyond this (one-upmanship). There is no question of bowing or making him bow now. It may have been the case two-three years ago. Whether he should speak first or I should... we have become more mature now," said SRK on his equation with the "Dabanng" actor as reported by Press Trust of India (PTI).

"I have great respect for him, not only as a friend and as a family but as a star and as an actor. They helped me when I first came to Bollywood though I am the senior," said the actor, praising Salman's well known large heartedness.

When suggested by the host that he should invite fellow actor to watch his Eid release "Chennai Express" on the festive occasion, he replied, "Even I am not watching "Chennai Express" this Eid as I am celebrating the festival... but actually most certainly, if there is an Eid function at my house or they have a function in their house, then invitations will go from both sides. It will happen someday. We will be more mature, either he will come or I will go to his house, everything would be fine."

The entire interview, which will be aired on Saturday, will also have Shah Rukh speaking on matters close to his heart and issues on personal front.

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