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Looks like Shah Rukh Khan is walking on Akshay Kumar's path as he too joins the Swachh Bharat campaign.

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL), the country's second-largest manufacturer of passenger cars and the number one exporter since inception, today launched 'Swachh Can', a portable bin for all Hyundai Cars under its new CSR Pillar for India - 'Swachh Move' supporting the nationwide campaign Swacch Bharat Abhiyan.

Official handle of Swach Bharat Urban tweeted: '"साफ़ शहर हो हम सबका सपना, क्योंकि यहीं तो घर बस्ता है अपना"- @iamsrk Listen to what the Baadshah of Bollywood has to say about using dustbins and not littering on streets. #MyCleanIndia #SwachhBharat #SwachhSurvekshan2018'

Congratulating Hyundai on this initiative, Hyundai Corporate Brand Ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan said, "I admire Hyundai for their socially relevant campaigns that are so pertinent to every individual. Swachh Can is a simple yet powerful idea and I would like to request every single car owner to go ahead and use it and play their role in the Clean India Movement."

Shah Rukh Khan
PR Handout

At the event, Shah Rukh Khan was asked if he would do films like Akshay Kumar around subjects that give out a social message. He said, "Everybody has their own system of doing a film, why they do, how they do. I feel a film. I don't go searching for a film. I have been a producer for 15 years, I have never produced a film that I think I shouldn't do. I think films choose me. There are things that appeal to me organically and sentimentally, so I do my films... We all sell fantasies in business, in cars and in my line of work."

"Sometimes they (films) go wonderfully right, sometimes they go fantastically bad and I am ok with it. If I don't keep that part of my life fluid, whatever level of artistic, I can't wake up every morning and keep on acting. I can't do it (acting) as a job, I am not saying others are doing it. Different strokes for different folks," he added.

Post this, Shah Rukh Khan's twitter following reached to 33 million. He dedicated a video for his fans saying: "This didn't go as planned...but on a lazy Sunday afternoon, with my limited floatation expertise..this is the best I could do! Judge nahi karna, feel karna...Thx."

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