Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan
Shah Rukh Khan faces wrath for calling daughter Suhana Khan 'dusky but beautiful'Instagram

Shah Rukh Khan's recent statement concerning his daughter Suhana has raised a lot of eyebrows on social media. SRK's comment saying "Suhana is dusky but beautiful" has not gone down well with many.

Talking about the controversies he faced while endorsing products like fairness cream, Shah Rukh said that he never judges people on the basis of their looks. "I will be honest; my daughter is sanwli (dusky), but she's the most beautiful girl in the world. And nobody can tell me otherwise," he added.

While many felt it to be loving words from a father for his daughter, others found it inappropriate for SRK to say Suhana is dusky "but" beautiful. They felt that either he could have just called her beautiful or he should have said Suhana is dusky "and" beautiful.

Many on social media opined that using the word "but" implied here that SRK feels dusky women are generally not beautiful. A few others felt that his statement reflects hypocrisy as he himself endorses fairness cream products.

There are a number of tweets coming up, slamming the actor for his statement. However, there are others as well, who think that there was nothing wrong in Shah Rukh's statement.

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Suhana had earlier done her first professional photoshoot for Vogue. However, this also had created a controversy as a lot of people had opined that the star kid did not deserve to be on the cover of Vogue because she had no achievement of her own.

On the other side, others praised Suhana and had stated that she does not need to lead a mediocre life when she is the daughter of someone like Shah Rukh.