Shah Rukh Khan new project

A poster of Shah Rukh Khan appeared on social media that has left fans both confused as well as excited. Known as the romance king of Bollywood, SRK apparently will next be seen in yet another love story, but a different one.

A poster has come up on social media in which Shah Rukh is seen holding a heart-shaped balloon and posing with open arms. The poster has a tagline saying, "SRK in a different love story, coming soon".

Although the exact source of the poster is still unknown, it went viral on social media with trending hashtag #SRKNewLoveInterest. People have been sharing the poster, expressing eagerness to know more details about it.

It is still a mystery if it is about a new upcoming love story of Shah Rukh or a still from his dwarf movie. It may also be for some ad. 

However, many fans believe it to be yet another romantic film from King Khan. While some are excited about seeing SRK in a romantic avatar, some others said that he should stop doing the same roles or better retire.

Of late, there has been a buzz that Shah Rukh will soon be seen in one of Karan Johar's directorial. Some are guessing that this is about the same. Recent reports also claimed that KJo has decided to bring back the iconic pairing of Shah Rukh and Kajol in his next movie.

Nonetheless, fans are extremely curious to know every detail of this viral picture that has left all SRK fans excited. And this picture, having been already out, looks like some big announcement will soon be made. Check some of the reactions of fans as #SRKNewLoveInterest became one of the top trends on Twitter: