Shadow Realms
Shadow Realms is scheduled for 2015 release.Facebook

BioWare has announced a new PC-based RPG video game, titled Shadow Realms, at the Gamescom 2014 EA press conference. The company has been teasing the game for the last few weeks.

The game is a multiplayer with a four vs one setting. Four players will battle the one named Shadowlord.

Players will travel to two different worlds: one is a modern day Earth and the other is the Embra - a parallel world. Embra is an ancient world of magic, legends and monsters.

The four players will be able to use their abilities in both worlds. The game provides "flexible RPG style character progression and customization", said Gabe Amatangelo, Design Director of BioWare in the official post.

There are six customisation classes and a great amount of combinations regarding the abilities.

The heroes will have to find treasure, dodge traps, find secret doors, find out the lore and complete the objectives which are set by the story. In all these ventures, these heroes will have their enemy set - Shadowlord. Shadowlord has its own progression and customisations.

The main task of the Shadowlord is to stop the heroes from getting ahead with their plans by "haunting them, setting traps, casting spells, summoning monsters, and controlling any monster in the level."

It will also share the same control scheme and third person view.

"It is a game that finally fulfills that fantasy of a never-ending RPG where the players meet up regularly to keep their epic adventures going for as long as they want. All the enemies, traps and challenges are squarely in the hands of another player, who controls them just like a Dungeon Master," said James Ohlen, designer at BioWare .

"The monsters and villains are smart and unpredictable, making every battle a test of strategy and power," Ohlen added.

The game will be released for PC in 2015. BioWare has previously done titles like Baldur's Gate, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Dragon Age: Origins.

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