Stories regarding demons and ghosts have always grabbed the eyeballs of people all across the globe. Even though there are no scientific bases regarding these stories, due to their eerie nature, many people love to believe in these imaginary entities, often backed by mythological concepts. However, several paranormal hunters including Ed and Lorraine Warren, the legendary ghost hunting couples strongly believe that these otherworldly entities are real. Hindu mythology also suggests that ghosts are real, and these are actually wandering human souls who fail to cross the Vaitarani river, a water body mentioned in Garuda Purana.

Even though not scientifically proven, International Business Times, India, presents you five signs that indicate the presence of ghosts in your house, as per the inputs from paranormal investigators.

Bizarre behaviour of pets

Paranormal experts believe that pets have the capability to see ghostly entities due to their impeccable eye power. As per these paranormal hunters, human eyes do not have the capacity to see ghosts due to its limitations, but animals including dogs and cats can see these entities.

When pets see these entities, they will start behaving strangely, and this is one of the main indications that a ghost is roaming in your household. If you see your pet dog barking at empty air, it is a clear sign that he or she may have witnessed a demon.

In a book named 'True Tales of the Ouija Board', author Stephen Wagner has revealed one such incident that illustrates the connection between pets and ghosts. In the book, Wagner narrates an incident where a group of girls played with an Ouija board. Later, a spirit was contacted, and it unexpectedly mentioned their dogs. The girls asked the spirit why dogs were mentioned, and the spirit replied, ''You will see".

Soon after they lost the contact with the spirit, dogs outside their house started behaving strangely, and these pets started screaming without any particular reason. Shockingly, the girls also found burn marks on one of the dogs.

The sighting of shadow people

Creepy stories regarding shadow people has perplexed people for years. The fear of the dark is common among people, and experts believe that this is one of the main reasons behind these mysterious visual hallucinations. For example, a jacket hanging on the door could be easily misinterpreted as a standing human figure in mild darkness. However, paranormal investigators believe that these dark human figures are real, and they are actually 'shadow people'.

One such case of witnessing a shadow person was recently shared to International Business Times by a content writer in Kerala. The content writer who goes by the pseudo name Jyothi revealed that she saw a dark humanoid figure multiple times in the recent past.

"Yesterday night I had the experience. My husband was sleeping downstairs, as he had pain in his hand. I was not at all sleepy. Then I read some magazines and laid down to sleep. I had just dozed off then suddenly opened my eyes. Shockingly, I saw a black apparition near my cot. The dark entity was standing near my baby. I was horrified. I saw a head, just a head, but it had no face, only black mass. I have seen this body twice before," said Jyothi.

However, upon expert consultation, Jyothi came to know that the dark mass she saw was nothing but her own fear that appeared in front of her face due to mental pressure.

Damaged religious symbols

This is one of the classic evidence that your house is haunted by demons or ghosts. Several paranormal investigators had previously revealed that damaged religious symbols can be seen in houses where demons exist. Paranormal hunters from western countries have several times accounted that they saw an inverted cross (satanic cross) during their visits to haunted houses.

A few years back, one such incident occurred in a Hindu Family in Kerala. A woman who goes by the pseudo name Shikha started behaving violently after her husband returned from Sabarimala, a Hindu temple. It all happened when Shikha's husband gave her the holy prasadam (blessed food from temple). Soon, Shikha's husband took her to a psychiatrist, and the expert revealed that she is suffering from psychosis.

Even after the doctor prescribed her Aripiprazole tablets, the condition of Shikha worsened day by day. Soon, she started witnessing a soul named 'Savithri', a woman who lived in the 18th century. Surprisingly, Shikha started behaving like Savithri, and she even started speaking Sanskrit fluently. Upon investigation conducted by her husband along with his police officer dad using the inputs provided by Shikha, it has been discovered that a lady by name Savithri lived in Ottappalam, Kerala.

The descendants of Savithri revealed that she had committed suicide, and hearing this, Shikha's husband decided to give a shot by conducting 'Moksha Pooja' to Savithri's soul. Surprisingly, after the pooja, Shikha became perfectly alright, and she has not shown any signs of possession in the past six years.

However, experts have a different story to tell. As per experts, Shikha's husband was so self-obsessed, and he failed to give sufficient care to his wife since the day of marriage. In order to make her husband care for her, Shikha's sub-conscious mind has created a figure named 'Savithri'. But the mystery still continues, as a person named Savithri had lived in Ottappalam in the exact timeline mentioned by Shikha during the time of possession.

Psychological disturbances

This is another common issue often faced by people in a house possessed by demons. Many people have described the sensation of the presence of someone around them when they are alone in the home.

Even though psychologists consider this as the trick played by the human mind, paranormal investigators assure that these are hidden souls who try to play hide and seek game with humans.

Cold spots

Ghosts and demons love to stay in dark cold rooms. If you find any particular area in your home with extremely low temperature, then it is an indication that ghosts are living there.

Paranormal investigators suggest that people may feel sudden nightmarish sightings in their inner mind when they enter these cold rooms.