Makers of "Shaandaar", starring Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, have released the much-awaited trailer of the film. The movie is supposed to be India's first "destination wedding" film and the trailer of "Shaandaar" is also shaandaar (grand).

The trailer shows Shahid as Jagjinder Joginder and Alia as Aila Aliya. Shahid portrays the role of a wedding organiser and like the rest of the girls in her family, Alia too falls for the handsome hunk.

The trailer of "Shaandaar" offers a glimpse of the mad and crazy turn of events during the wedding, along with some funny one-liners. A big fat "Shaandaar" Indian wedding, which is actually a business merger between two of the biggest business families of India, is happening at an exotic castle in Europe.

Mrs. Kamla Arora, the grandmother of the Arora family, the sole owner of the billion-dollar business and the property, has planned their wedding. Kamla Arora treats everyone like her servants, including her three sons, Bipin (the eldest), Vipul and Vinay. Mr. Fandwani, the groom's father, is a loud Sindhi businessman who counters Kamla Arora: The Fandwanis dress in gold, accessorise in gold and if possible they drink and eat gold.

Based against the backdrop of the Shaandaar wedding, the story revolves around protagonists Aliya and Jagjinder Joginder and Bipin (Aliya's father). Bipin believes there's no guy that will be good enough for his daughter, while Aliya is a dreamer but her dreams are weird and Jagjinder Joginder is a doer, he can make anything happen. And, for obvious reasons Bipin hates Jagjinder Joginder.

While Shahid and Alia carry on their hide and seek romance, Pankaj Kapur keeps playing the thorn in their relationship, of course in a comical way.

While Shahid looks super handsome in his bearded look, Alia too is super hot as she also dons a bikini in the film. Shahid and Alia's chemistry look super cute in the film and considering the trailer, fans can expect it to be a funny film with a lot of excitement.

Directed by Vikas Bahl, "Shaandaar" also features Sanjay Kapoor in a supporting role. The film is slated to release on 22 October. Check the trailer below: