A sex video of a young couple in Uttar Pradesh was leaked online and went viral on YouTube and social media, prompting the panchayat of the local Ansari community in Agra to outcast the man and woman. 

Even though investigations showed that the home sex video of the couple was uploaded online by a third person seeking retribution, the local panchayat declared that the girl had 'crossed all limits of propriety' and the boy has 'sinned', The Times of India reported. 

The panchayat asked the two to leave their homes and move out of the town. 

The investigation into the case revealed that a man, who was a former boyfriend of the girl's older sister, had leaked the sex video online and had even distributed CDs of it in the locality as retribution as the latter had filed a molestation complaint against him last year, the report said. 

The police, however, has said that the panchayat has no right to throw the couple out of their houses. 

"If the couple had uploaded the video with mutual consent, there is no offence unless it is intended to malign someone. This could be an offence under the Information Technology Act if anyone files a complaint. A panchayat cannot throw someone from their houses," the Superintendent of Police told TOI. 

The couple was also reportedly humiliated after their sex video went viral online, given that the small Ansari community in the Agra locality had all heard of the case.