Couple filmed having sex near the window of a hotel in London
Couple filmed having sex near the window of a hotel in London; videos go viralTwitter

Couples showing public display of affection towards each other is not a rare sight in many parts of the world, but when they make intimate love in public places, it raises eyebrows of many.

A couple has been recently filmed having passionate sex pressed against the glass window of Motel One in Tower Hill opposite a packed office in London, that too in broad daylight. In the videos that are believed to have been captured by workers of an insurance company just opposite the hotel, the employees are heard laughing and having fun seeing the nude couple enjoying their private time.

However, even after noticing the public attention they were getting, the lovebirds seemed to have continued making love for almost 20 minutes. One of the office workers told The Sun: "It's obviously not the kind of thing you see every day. It was taken last week and since Monday has been going round to all the workers on WhatsApp who work in the area. Everybody in the office is talking about it."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of the hotel told MailOnline that they will not be investigating the matter. "It's a hotel room, what should I say? We do not give comments on guests' behaviour."

The videos have gone viral on social media with many netizens finding it funny and hilarious to see people having sex distracting many others during their working hours. It is also understood that the steamy session of the couple had even interrupted few meetings at the office.