Seth Rogen is undoubtedly one of the most hilarious actors in Hollywood today, and the funnyman is turning 34 on Friday, April 15. The actor has been knee-deep in comedy since the age of 12, having said multiple times that he could not think of a career other than showbiz from a young age.

In celebration of the actor's 34th birthday, here is a list of some of the most hilarious movies:

  • "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" is one of the first films Rogen did with Judd Apatow. Although he does not have too much of a prominent role, it is one of the earliest works that fans will remember him from.
  • "Knocked Up" saw Rogen as the male lead no girl wants to end up with. Despite the complete lack of chemistry between Katherine Heigl and Rogen, it is still a movie to break out when friends are over.
  • "Superbad" is a movie that Rogen wrote and one of his most memorable works at. Loosely based on his friendship with co-writer Evan Goldberg, the movie put Jonah Hill and Michael Cera on the map.
  • "This is the End" is brilliantly hilarious apocalypse comedy, in which Rogen plays himself, and got his celebrity friends to play themselves. It is about how all of them realise that it is the world's end after an epic thrown by James Franco. This film is definitely one to watch, for the Backstreet Boys reunion, if not for anything else.
  • "Neighbors," for the first time in a Rogen film, saw the female lead (played by Rose Byrne) be equally hilarious as the male, played by Rogen. The story about new parents trying to outwit a group of young frat boys living next door makes for a great third or fourth watch, even. The upcoming "Neighbors 2" will take this comedy one step further by make the next-door neighbours sorority girls. And yes, people who googled after watching the trailer for "Neighbors 2," that is how sorority is spelled.

What are some of your favourite Seth Rogen films, let us know in the comments below.