Serena Williams lost massively at the US Open on 11 September, after being defeated in a close match against Roberta Vinci.

Strangely, fans and audience members blamed the tennis player's rumoured boyfriend Drake for the devastating loss, saying that he jinxed her chances of winning the game. But is it true? Does Serena feel the same?

Drake, as we all saw showed up at the highly-anticipated semi-finals on 11 September to cheer his rumoured girl Serena. But when the close match came to an end with the tennis pro's losing it, Twitter went buzzing calling Drake bad luck and the main reason behind Serena's loss.

Silvia Killingsworth wrote: "Drake what have you done."

Saucin_Simmons tweeted: "Drake is clearly the reasonwhy she lost."

Ericstotle Brown said: "This is why Drake needs to stay away from sports events. Stick to music. That's it."

But an insider close to Serena told Hollywood Life that she did at some point think that it was Drake. Though she isn't blaming, she wished he hadn't come, the source apparently told the website.

"She doesn't blame Drake but would have rather him not have shown up till the finals," the source said.

The report also noted that Drake kept his distance from the tournament and it was all going well, until he showed up on 11 September.

It also said that Drake is considered bad luck by many fans in the world of sports. Apparently, when Drake attended the match of his favourite team, Toronto Raptors, they lost in the first round of the playoffs in 2013-14 and 2014-15 season. Interestingly, it was also reported that Drake cheered for Kentucky Wildcats, who lost in the Final Four of the 2015 NCAA tournament after being undefeated the entire season.

Amidst all these rumours and blame game, Serena continued receiving congratulatory messages from her fans for her brilliant performance. And among all those fans was The First Lady Michelle Obama who tweeted: "So proud of you, @SerenaWilliams. What you did this year was amazing. -mo #USOpen2015"


Well, it looks like this should take Serena Williams' mind off the Drake rumours.