Serena Williams is busy with the US Open, trying to win the grand slam yet again. But it looks like it is not just her on court performance--defeating sister Venus Williams in the process--that is making headlines on the web. The rumours about her relationship with rapper Drake have also been the talk of the town.

After weeks of Drake-Serena dating rumours, a fan has apparently managed to capture the 28-year-old rapper kissing the 33-year-old tennis ace, as they exit a restaurant and get into an SUV.

According to Bet, this clip has come out weeks after photos of the pair cosying up and piling on PDA during a romantic date in Cincinnati, hit the internet.

The report said that the stalker was hanging out in the valet of the restaurant where Drake and Serena were dining. When the two stars walked out, he managed to capture the two of them kissing. In fact, when Drake realised it, he quickly got into the SUV.


Well, while we still speculate if Drake and Serena are an item after watching this video, Hollywood Life has reported that Drake's playboy lifestyle has been suffering badly after pictures of him and Serena PDA-ing have gone viral online.

"Drake getting caught with Serena really ruined his game with the plethora of girls he has at his disposal," a source told the website.

"Now that Serena has asked Drake to stay away while she attempts to win the Grand Slam, he has been caught with his pants down trying to make it right with Serena and his side chicks at the same time. His playboy lifestyle bit him in the ass when those pics with Serena came out, and now he is trying to clean up the mess," the source added.

Well, fans think that Drake will have to really change his playboy lifestyle if he has to make it work with Serena Williams.