Netflix has given the world many wonderful shows, and "Sense8" is definitely among the top in the list. Ever since the fans finished binge-watching the 12 episodes of season 1, they have been relentlessly awaiting any update regarding season 2.

While it has been known since August 2015 that the show has been renewed with season 2, there is no formal date for the premiere. On 30 December 2015, the main cast shot in Berlin to capture footages from the Christmas celebrations. However, the actual shooting involving the main unit will begin only by March 2016.

While fans patiently await the return of the brilliant world created by the Wachoskis, there is something that they find disturbing. Will Will (Brian J. Smith) be able to get back his consciousness, or will he remain sedated forever?

It is safe to assume that he will not remain inactive from the series forever; not if the rest of his cluster has anything to do with it. In season 1 finale scene Will was being taken on a boat by Riley (Tuppence Middleton), while the spirits of the rest of the sensates joined them on deck.

As fans will remember the reason for Will to sedate himself was that after Whispers (Terrence Mann) and he made eye contact, the sensate from Jonas' (Naven Andrews) cluster became capable of seeing and listening to everything Will is seeing and listening to. The only way for Will to save the rest of his cluster was to make himself useless to Whispers.

While the question remains what would be an appropriate time for him to return to the world of the living, considering Whispers will hold that power over him forever, one logical explanation would be for the sensates to take him to a closed unknown location and wake him up, and not reveal any information to him, while they figure out a plan to go on the offensive.

From Nairobi – Capheus' (Aml Ameen) hometown – to Seoul – Sun's (Doon Bae) city – the sensates could hide Will almost anywhere in the world. Nomi (Jamie Clayton) is a smart hacker and could possibly find a way to get him in and out of any country, while Lito (Miguel Angel Silvestre) could sweet talk his way into getting anything.