Ajmal Kasab
Ajmal KasabReuters

Amid the shouts among politicians and people of the country to have Ajmal Kasab hanged, a commoner is seeking top officials of India to seal the fate of the 26/11 attack convict.     

Narayan Patil, a 42-year-old social worker who had a narrow escape in the 2008 Mumbai blasts, had written letters since Dec 2008 to the president, prime minster, state chief minister and state home minister, asking them to execute the verdict on the lone terrorist as soon as possible.

"Till Saturday, I have dropped 1,372 letters at the tehsildar office. I demanded in my letters that Kasab must be taken to gallows immediately," Patil told Press Trust of India.

On the day of the incident, Patil was at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station, one of the terror sites and left the place just a few minutes before the attack took place. He said that many of his friends lost their lives in the blasts.

"I hope he should not be treated like terrorist Afzal Guru, who is yet to be given capital punishment," Patil said. "I am living in agony for justice for the last four years. If Kasab has to be hanged tomorrow, then why not today?" he asked.

Kasab and 19 other terrorists landed in the country on Sept 26, 2008, and killed 166 people including many foreigners and security officials. He was the only terrorist caught alive and was given capital punishment by the Supreme Court. Earlier this week, he filed a mercy petition to President Pranab Mukherjee to overturn his death sentence.