Selfie accident
Representational image.Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

In a tragic accident, a woman from Andhra Pradesh, India, was found dead after drowning in a waterfall on Saturday. The incident took place at the Bald River Falls in Tennessee. 

Polavarapu Kamala had visited the waterfall with her fiance and had been trying to take a selfie when the accident occurred. Her fiance survived and was rescued, unfortunately, Kamala wasn't saved.

Selfie goes wrong in Tennessee

It was at 4:30 pm on Saturday that the local Sheriff's Office of Monroe County received a call local reports said about a couple who had fallen into the Bald River Falls. The Bald River Falls is a 90-foot fall which is frequented by tourists and nature lovers in Tennessee, USA. It is one of the popular spots and known for photography as well.

Polavarapu Kamala and her fiance visited the site on Saturday. The two were trying to take a selfie when the slipped into the falls. After the local authorities came to rescue them, the fiance was pulled out by bystanders. However, Kamala was found under a log. Upon finding her rescuers administered CPR after pulling her out. She couldn't be saved.

Kamala was a software professional working at a company in the USA. She hailed from Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh and moved there after her graduation. Kamala was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Her details were not initially reported in the media and were done so upon preliminary investigation. It has been reported that her final rites will be done in India and the Telugu Association are making efforts to help bring the body back home. 

Numerous selfie-related accidents have been reported over the years.