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What did we just watch? A surreal video of Selena Gomez in a bathtub has just surfaced which looks like the start of some voyeur or snuff film. But some may even call it avant-garde art, but we have to say it sure looks creepy. And fans seem to agree as they are reportedly freaking out.

Reportedly Canadian artist Petra Collins published the horror movie, titled "Love Story," via Instagram, causing outrage among 25-year-old Gomez's loyal following.

"I think you changed Selena. I miss Selena in 2016 and I want in 2016 and I want it back ... I'm afraid," one fan commented on the creepy clip. Added another: "This has a serial killer vibe to it!"

"I had to stop watching," noted a scared viewer. Another frightened fan chimed in, "This is not Sel, she changed. I know everyone changes, grows up, but now Selena is half-Petra and I don't like it (just like too many Selenators)."

Selena Gomez Puma
Selena Gomez PumaSelena Gomez/ Instagram (selenagomezecu2.0)

It is being reported that the psychedelic video features the former Disney star humming while bathing in murky water. At one point, Gomez peels a human-like mask off her face, which later reappears on her back. The "Come and Get It" singer is yet to respond to the backlash to her video.

Reportedly Selena Gomez has previously worked with Collins while filming a video for her track "Fetish" in which she appears to have somewhat of a meltdown in a suburban home. Selena Gomez had been undergoing health issues and has been on the road to recovery. She had previously been spotted outside looking healthy. But we have to say that this new clip again casts doubt on whether Selena Gomez is completely ready to come back into the spotlight. You can check out the video here: