The rumuours about Selena Gomez and Niall Horan being in a relationship have been running wild. The rumoured couple were spotted making out at Jenna Dewan's birthday party on 4 December. And apparently, Justin Bieber was shocked.

The reports have said that the "What Do You Mean" singer may have lost his only chance to get back together with his ex-girlfriend. And maybe, things would have turned out differently only if he had committed to "Same Old Love" singer.

And while Jelena fans were finally seeing some hope of Justin-Selena becoming an item again, especially after they were spotted on a romantic dinner date recently, it looks like Niall has ruined JB's chances of winning back Selena. But Hollywood Life reported that Selena Gomez never wanted to hurt Justin and could have thought otherwise, if he had made a commitment.

"Selena explained to Justin that it was never her intention to hurt him and that things with Niall just happened naturally. She begged him not to be angry at Niall and not to think that he tried to deliberately try and betray him. Selena told him that Niall never tried to go behind his back, and that had if she had been in a committed relationship with Justin, this never would have happened in the first place," a source told.

And now, it seems like the "Good For You" singer is worried that her past will come in way of her new relationship and that Justin will ruin her equation with Niall. "Selena's anxious about seeing Justin again. She's in such a good place right now, happier than she's been in ages, but when it comes to Justin they're always a lot of intense emotions. Texting and talking on the phone is one thing, but seeing him face to face always does a number on her," a source said.

The report further said that Selena wants to try and make things work with Niall and doesn't want Justin to confuse her again. "In the past Justin has always had such a hold on Selena. She's telling herself she's strong, but it's hard not to worry it could happen again. Right now she wants to give things with Niall a chance and she doesn't want Justin to confuse her," the source added.

Well, now only time will tell if Justin Bieber's commitment still holds the power of ruining Selena Gomez's rumoured relationship with Niall Horan.