Selena Gomez made a heartbreaking confession to her Dana during her coronavirus self-quarantine.

Selena shared a shocking truth about her mental health. Reportedly, the Rare singer went on Miley Cyrus' Instagram Live talk show Bright Minded (after connecting with her old friend through a DM of a butterfly emoji) and opened up to her fellow former Disney Channel star with the news that she's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

selena gomez
selena gomez

The singer reveals about her mental health

"Recently, I went to one of the best mental hospitals in the world, but definitely in America, McLean's Hospital, and I discussed that after years of going through a lot of different things, I realized that I was bipolar," Gomez said.

The singer went on to say that when she got to know more information, it actually helped her. She said that it wasn't scary once she knew it.

Gomez went on to compare her mental health realisation with a childhood memory. She said that when she was younger she was scared of thunderstorms, and her mom bought her all these different books on thunderstorms.

She went on to tell Cyrus that the more one educates oneself on this the less afraid one will be.

The pair had apparently been talking about dealing with the emotional toll of life in quarantine, with Gomez becoming emotional thinking of her grandparents.


She said that she is donating a portion of her merch sales to causes like hospitals. She also quoted a line from scripture that has reassured her.

She added that being there for people helps her. She went on to say that sometimes she needs to feel it. Sometimes she needs to cry it out.

Selena unburdens herself in the talk

It seems like Selena unburdened a lot of her emotional and mental feelings on Moley Cyrus' live talk. And we hope Selena Gomez gets the strength to deal with it.

Being there for other people actually helps me too," Gomez said. "But sometimes I have to feel it, Miley. Sometimes I gotta cry it out and I've got to release it and just take a deep breath and then remind myself, go back to my tools, which is, okay, where is this coming from? I understand I'm a big empath, so I feel so much of what the world is feeling, so maybe I need to take a step back from that, or whatever it is."

selena gomez
selena gomez

Reportedly, Cyrus launched Bright Minded on March 17 to "bring light into dark times."