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Selena Gomez has reportedly liked a video that Justin Bieber posted on Instagram, and Jelena fans are eager to know if the couple have become friends again.

The video that the 22-year-old singer liked on Instagram was posted by Bieber duing his Coachella trip with Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner. The video shows the "Baby" singer and Baldwin unsuccessfully trying to hula hoop together. "Lol why did we think this was gonna work @haileybaldwin," he captioned his video.

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Selena gomez liked Justin biebers's photo.Instagram

Recently when pictures of Bieber and Kendall's PDA in Coachella emerged on the web, Hollywood Life had reported that Selena felt "betrayed" by her former boyfriend. "Those Instagram photos of Justin and Kendall at Coachella just confirm what Selena thought all along... that Justin was cheating on her with Kendall. And it all started at last year's Coachella. Both Justin and Kendall denied any type of romance at the time, but Selena always had her doubts," a source told the website.

Jelena, as the former couple was called, had parted ways after Gomez had found 'inappropriate' texts from Jenner on Bieber's phone. And this year's Coachella pictures are like a reminder that she was betrayed by the love of her life.

The 21-year-old has always been a ladies' man. Recently, Twitter was abuzz with Bieber cozying up to Ariana Grande during their performance in LA. People set the social media into a frenzy with memes of Big Sean wanting to teach him a lesson for "touching his girl like that".

So fans are confused as they cannot understand whether Gomez was just being polite to her friend or was it her way of letting Bieber know she is aware of what he is doing and that she is hurt with him. All one can do is wait for Bieber's take on this.

Lol why did we think this was gonna work @haileybaldwin

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