Dissing Taylor Swift again, Selena Gomez was seen catching up for lunch with Kendall Jenner. The two new BFFs were spotted grabbing an afternoon meal at the trendy Joan's restaurant in Los Angeles. Selena was dressed in a crop top and pants, while Jenner was seen in a white shirt and jeans. Both girls looked lovely in their casual outfits and were all smiles while hanging out with each other. Reportedly, they even hugged each other while parting.

Is this the new friendship in town?

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were BFFs until the latter dumped her. Justin Bieber was reportedly the reason for Gomez and Swift's rift. Apparently, Swift does not approve of the Jelena reunion. She even warned Selena that if she takes Justin back, their friendship would meet its end.

"They did not leave it on good terms - it's very icy," a source revealed, "Things have been going downhill between them for a while. Taylor can be very opinionated and controlling, and that's been getting on Selena's nerves," reported Hollywoodlife.

Swift has never approved of Justin, and Selena thinks that the way she's dealing with the situation is not very mature.

"Selena thinks the way Taylor is dealing with it is very petty," another insider revealed, adding, "Selena doesn't see the big deal with her relationship with Justin that everyone else sees," reported the website

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seem very happy after the union. However, along with Swift, even Selena's family does not approve of their relationship. Gomez's family reportedly thinks that Bieber is bad news.

However, Bieber doesn't seem to care. He is all geared up to woo his ladylove. The "Baby" singer wrote a song called "Life is Worth Living Again" for Selena, and is even making sure that they go for a musical tour together so that they can spend more time with each other.

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