Selena Gomez at Taylor Swift's 25th Birthday Party
Selena Gomez, standing right to Taylor Swift, at the 'Shake it Off' singer's 25th birthday bashTaylor Swift, Instagram

It was 'Love story' singer Taylor Swift's 25th birthday bash, but it seems like someone else stole the show; not in a good way though.

While others were enjoying beers, pizza and sushi at the star-studded party, 'Heart wants what it wants' singer Selena Gomez created a scene by crying over on-again off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber.

According to US Magazine, the 22-year-old singer was at the upper terrace of Taylor Swift's Tribeca apartment on Friday, 13 December, surrounded by famous guests like power couple Beyonce and Jay Z, Nick Jonas and the very-handsome Justin Timberlake. Suddenly, she got very emotional over her ex-boyfriend, who she dated on and off for three years. She reportedly "cried and threw a fit" without caring for in front of who she is doing the drama.

The other guests found themselves trapped in an awkward moment when Gomez shouted, "No one understands me! My boyfriend doesn't even understand me!"

A source said that Sam Smith "just stared" without being able to react.

However, there has been no report on Beyonce's reaction to this awkward moment.

The good thing is that this drama did not spoil the party as the birthday girl was busy attending to her high-profile guests and didn't even notice the incident.

The other guests at the party include Victoria's Secret model and Swift's famous BFF Karlie Kloss, Chrissy Teigen, Kelly Osbourne and band Haim.

According to Daily Mail, the food at the party consisted of eight bags of sushi and 20 pizzas, which the guests had with Stella Artois beer.

Gomez's outburst hints that she is back with the 'Baby' crooner. Just two months ago, we had learnt that Swift suggested Gomez to take time off from dating.

A source told Hollywood Life: "[Taylor] wants her to at least try taking a year off dating. She thinks she should date herself for a while, take the time to get to know herself and appreciate herself. But she's not going to force it, she's trying to lead by example this time, instead of forcing her ideas down Selena's throat, she realises she can be kind of pushy and she's working on that."

Let's see if Bieber would do something extraordinary to win back his ladylove.