Sivakarthikeyan in Seema Raja
Sivakarthikeyan in Seema Raja.PR Handout

Sivakarthikeyan and Samantha-starrer Seema Raja has garnered mixed reviews from the audience. It is a rural-based entertainer which is hailed for Sivakarthikeyan's performance. The period portion remains a major highlight, while formulaic story has let the expectations of the audience down.

After Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam and Rajini Murugan, Sivakarthikeyan and director Ponram have collaborated for their third project - Seema Raja. Like their previous films, their latest flick promises to entertain the viewers with humour, sentiment, action and romance. Seema Raja brand new movie stills are here.

Sivakarthikeyan enacts dual roles – Seema Raja and Kadambavel Raja – in the film. While the first character is of a present-day youth, in the other role he will be seen as a Pandya king. Samantha enacts silambam artist, a form of martial art, and Seema Raja's love interest.

The template is similar to his earlier movies. Seema Raja aimlessly spends time with his friend Kanakku played by Soori. He tries win the heart of Sundhanthira Selvi (Samantha), a teacher by profession who belongs to a rival village. 

On the other hand, Kaathadi Kannan (Lal) and Kaaleshwari (Simran), are grabbing the lands of the villages by hook and crook for a wind mill project. How Seema Raja comes to the villagers' rescue and how he discovers his royal past form the crux of the story. 

Simran is a strong woman who clashes with the hero. How the boy from the royal family clashes with her over people's rights and land issues form the crux of the story. Watch Rajinikanth 2.0 Movie Teaser

Review and Analysis

The rivalry scenes between two villages have been presented well, say viewers. The comedy portions involving Soori and period sequence are the other major attractions. Sivakarthikeyan has done his role with ease and BGM enhances the overall quality of the film. 

D Imman's Vaaren Vaaren Seema Raja, Yaarum Yenakilla and A Late Night Walk with Veena songs have stuck the chord with the listeners. 

On the flipside, many are not impressed to see the same old formalic movies. The references to Ajith and Vijay, on a rare note, has not gone well with a section of fans. Simran's dubbing is apparently poor.

Overall, it is an average movie, says neizens.

Ratings: 2.5

The movie has generated a lot of buzz with its songs and trailer. With Sivakarthikeyan's previous movies with the director winning the viewers' hearts, there is a good amount of expectations riding on the flick. Will it live up to the viewers' expectations? Find it in their words here:

Arjun: #SeemaRaja - First Half so far good with @Siva_Kartikeyan broh-@sooriofficial fun riot n @Samanthaprabhu2 ❤️ #ThalaReference pakka masss #Veeram BGM n Siva anna dialogue whole Theatre Roars

Asok: #seemaraja 20 mins of flashback majestic!! #KeerthySuresh as beauty queen! CG is realistic enough! Raja portions change the movie completely!!!

Kaushik LM: #SeemaRaja 1st half - Formulaic rural comedy - romance - sentiment recipe.. @Siva_Kartikeyan screen presence super, with an energetic intro scene.. @sooriofficial comedy clicks in parts, with his crowd pleasing 'Veeram' 6-pack episode. @Samanthaprabhu2 silambam expertise is cool!
#SeemaRaja 2nd half - #KadambavelRaja portions are EXTRAORDINARY.. Hatsoff @Siva_Kartikeyan @ponramVVS @immancomposer @24AMSTUDIOS for the effort on this segment.. Grt set work and VFX. Wish they make a full-fledged period film with SK as a king.. @KeerthyOfficial is gorgeous!

RamSimbu: #Seemaraja - Mixing concept of #Baahubali #Magadheera and #DesinguRaja, Below entertainment than #VVS and #RajiniMurugan

Lengthy movie, camera and Music is good... One time Watch movie

Itzzvijay: #Seemaraja Done with first half
Still now comedy portions between @sooriofficial & @Siva_Kartikeyan works out well. @immancomposer #Seemaraja Swag on fire
@Samanthaprabhu2 Silambam scenes is just stunning...

S Abishek: With due importance being given to comedy in the first half, waiting for the major conflicts to uplift the story!
@Siva_Kartikeyan n @sooriofficial create a ruckus. Songs and extensive sequence driven scenes till now.

Manobala Vijayabalan: #SeemaRaja 3.75/5: FAMILY watch. Rivalry between two groups in a village is nicely presented by @ponramVVS with a bit of history. Flashback portion deserves a special mention. Battle scenes are a delight for audience.
@Siva_Kartikeyan @Samanthaprabhu2
#SeemaRaja 3.75/5: @Siva_Kartikeyan as Seema Raja & Kadambavel Raja gave his power packed performance. Speech before the climax has nice message in support of farmers. A good outing for the PRINCE.
#SeemaRaja 3.75/5: @Samanthaprabhu2 as a teacher gets a meaty role. Must credit her for perfect Silambu skills. Beautiful throughout the movie.
#SeemaRaja: #Samantha dances for #Thalapathy #Vijay's daddy mummy song.
#SeemaRaja: Soori's phone ringtone - kattipudi kattipudida song from #Thalapathy #Vijay's #Khushi.
#SeemaRaja 1st half: ENTERTAINING.
@Siva_Kartikeyan's screen presence is powerful.
@Samanthaprabhu2's Silambu skills are simply stunning.
@sooriofficial comedy works.
Fab BGM.
Village backdrop is a visual treat.
Good Interval block by @ponramVVS.

Sathish Kumar M: #SeemaRaja 1st half - #Soori has good intro scene and mass scene showing his 6 pack abs with #Veeram song.
Lots of #Thala & #Thalapathy references in the movie.
BGM was too good. Waiting to watch #RajathiRaja scenes
#SeemaRaja 1sthalf - 80 Mins of Comedy scenes between @Siva_Kartikeyan & @sooriofficial and love scenes between Siva & @Samanthaprabhu2 , on the likes of #VVS & #Rajinimurugan
- Siva screen presence was good
- Samantha looks beautiful & her Silambattam scenes has come out well

Due to KDM issues the early morning shows and overseas premieres were cancelled. The first show is set to begin. Stay tuned.