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People on social media platform Twitter lashed out at Jammu & Kashmir MLA Langate Engineer Rashid who on Saturday asked the Kashmiri Pandits to seek an unconditional apology for migrating from the state, leaving behind the majority community to face the tension that was prevailing in the valley.

"Kashmiri Pandits must seek unconditional apology from the majority community for migration and leaving them behind at the mercy of guns , grenades, bullets , crack-downs , PSAs, AFSPA, custodial killings, rapes, murders, forced labour, custodial disappearances, humiliations and rule of lawlessness," Rising Kashmir quoted Langate as saying.

His comments come on the back of Friday's protests against the BJP government's decision to establish a 'composite township' for the pandits in the valley. He said that the Kashmiri pandits should not have left the valley in the first place, and if they want to return now they should come back to "live and die with Muslims".

"Let Kashmiri pandits understand that they should not have left the valley under worst circumstances, had they been real Kashmiri nationalists. Let Kashmiri pandits not seek return like tourists but should return to live and die with Muslim brothers under all eventualities," Langate said.

Furious at his demand of apology from the sufferers of the 1989 insurgency, Twitterati started a hash tag on Twitter – #DimwitRashid. While some mocked at Rashid, others lashed out at him for seeking an apology from the pandits for migrating.