Secrets and Lies Spoilers
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"Secrets and Lies", which premiered its first and second episodes on Sunday, 1 March, on ABC, is coming back with more secrets to unravel and more lies to expose, on 8 March. "The Affair" will deal with the repercussions Ben (Ryan Phillippe) and his family faces, after the media propagates that the murdered five-year-old boy Tom, is his illegitimate son.

Ben and his wife Christy's (KaDee Strickland) already strained relationship goes through a worse phase after the paternity test places him as the father of Tom. When Ben accuses his wife of helping Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) in landing him in jail. When she says that he is being ridiculous, Ben scream, "She thinks I killed Tom... Do you understand?"

Christy also assures him that as long as they continue to help her with the investigation, she will eventually realise his innocence. In the back and forth that ensues, Ben accuses her of being naive, as Christy attack him with, "He's your son. I would think you'd feel some responsibility to help her."

In episode 2 "The Father" Tom's mother Jess had revealed to Ben that she believes Scott, Tom's "father" had killed him, and that if he had known about the paternity test results, he would have killed him too. As luck would have it, the test results were leaked by the media the episode ended with Scott standing over Ben, threatening to kill him if the police failed to arrest him. 

Ben, who discovers a shocking piece of evidence that could implicate him in Tom's murder, convinces Detective Cornell to investigate Scott for the murder. In a trailer for "The Affair", Ben, Jess and many others watch as the police take Scott into custody and as Jess asks the detective if Scott agreed to murdering her son, she says she can't disclose any information at that point. 

Ben, who feels that he deserves to be thanked for the arrest of the accused, Scott tells Detective Cornell, "You're welcome" and she responds with, "Are you aware that 75% of child killers inject themselves into the investigation?"

Watch out for "Secrets and Lies" Season 1 episode 3 on 8 March, Sunday, on ABC.